Top 5 Cheap Date/ Hang Out Spots in Mumbai

Mumbai, being the most populous city of India, has a population density of 22,000 persons per square kilometre. No wonder finding a quiet spot is such a task in the city! Of course, if you are loaded with demonetised money, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to hang out places! Be it a pool side table at a 5 star hotel, or a fine dining restaurant- there really are no shortages! But what do you do if you’re a on a stringent budget, or a student, or someone who simply doesn’t want to fork out a fortune to catch up with a friend? 

I have picked out five budget-friendly and ambient places in Mumbai that are perfect for dates and meet ups with friends! Instead of your bills coming into the thousands, keep it in the hundreds and save your money for travels, unique experiences, education, or whatever it is that truly matters to you. And after all, it’s the company that counts!

1)      California Coffee, Next to Citi Mall, Andheri West

Located near multiple cinemas and shopping malls, California Coffee is the perfect place to sit down and catch up with a friend post a shopping spree or after watching a movie! This American style pop-up café has outdoor seating, and although the capacity is small, it is not usually very crowded. The menu is limited to drinks, snacks and quick meals, but the portions are large, and the cost is low. A meal with a drink would cost under 200 rupees. Although simple, this is truly a place which warms my heart.

2)     Café Sea Side, Bandstand, Bandra

I adore a table with a sea-side view, but in Mumbai, such places, for example Estella and Gadda Da Vida, are all premium-priced. That is why I was over the moon to find an incredibly low-priced café with an incredibly breath-taking view! Watching waves crash against the rocks whilst sipping on a 50 rupees cup of coffee is not a bad deal at all.  

3)     Candies, Pali Hill, Bandra

My description of this café will do little justice to it. You must visit it to experience the magic of Candies! With indoor and outdoor seating dotted across a slope and various segments, Candies allows you to find a little, private corner for yourself. A canopy of trees hover over the tables, and the interior décor transports you to Europe.  It is self-service, and there is a variety of food to choose from.

4)     Silver Beach, Juhu

They say the best things in life are free. If you don’t believe me, try it out! Silver Beach is a quieter beach than Juhu Chowpatty. Grab a few snacks and some coconut water and plonk yourself on the sand. Whether you want a moment of peace for yourself, or you’re in the mood to have a heart-to-heart conversation with a friend, this place is the perfect setting. There is nothing quite like catching a sunrise or sunset on a beach. You’ll leave this place feeling calm and recharged.

5)     Bar Stock Exchange, Juhu

And finally, Mumbai wouldn’t be Mumbai without its nightlife. The Bar Stock Exchange is for all of you who love to speculate! The prices of the drinks keep fluctuating according to supply and demand, so if you’re smart and lucky, you’re bill should come as a pleasant surprise. If only the food menu had the same pricing system!


These are my personal favourites! Let me know what your favourite cheap date/ hang out places are in the comments below.





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